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"I love my new smile!! I never knew until recently that I was missing two front teeth and that my remaining teeth have been separating to compensate for my missing incisors. But I’ve known all along that I’ve had big gaps between my front teeth and those gaps kept getting bigger. I’ve always been really insecure about my smile and never liked taking close up pictures. There’s only 5 months left till my wedding day and I didn’t have time to fix my teeth with braces and implants. I thought I was out of options and out of luck. I threw in the towel. After I told Dr. Ericksen I really was embarrassed about having to take wedding pictures this summer with such a pain in my heart, he told me there was something that could be done. The next week he sculpted and molded and took great care in making my smile complete and whole again. My gaps were gone. My teeth looked perfect!! It was such an emotional moment to hold that mirror in front of my face and smile a good hearty smile. He has a great passion for making people love their smiles for the first time or all over again. Something that’s made me so insecure for so many years now makes me feel so confident! It’s amazing what a good hearty smile can do to your soul."

Brian P.

"Dr. Ericksen and his staff have been gentle, professional and a pleasure to work with--he has been my dentist for 19 years, and I feel safe in his dental care."

Alexandra M.

"My family and I have moved several times over the years so we have seen a lot of dentists. Dr. Ericksen was by far the best dentist ever... most friendly, gentle, thorough (I could go on and on). The same holds true for his staff. I was devastated when we have to leave Virginia and one of the main reasons was because Dr. Ericksen would no longer be our dentist. We have gone to 3 different dentists so far. No other dentist can fill Dr. Ericksen's shoes. We miss him and his staff."

Debbie H.

"For years I lived with tetracycline staining on my teeth and I was reluctant to smile. I had tried various remedies and treatments. Finally, I found Dr. Ericksen after my father had switched to him. I was very pleased with the atmosphere of the office and the caring of the staff. Above all, Dr. Ericksen has been very kind, pleasant and a master of his profession. I've never felt pain or panic in his care and highly recommend him to all of my friends. I travel across several counties to stay with Dr. Ericksen and his team. My new porcelain veneers make it possible to imagine a new life, with lots of smiles."

Stacie K.

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